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African Original Painting Xhosa Modern Tribal Woman II Acrylic on Textile Framed in Black 19.5"H X 14.5"W

$ 425.00

The beautiful work of this Xhosa artist shows Modern African Tribal Women in charcoal with their elegant bodies and attire. Traditional Xhosa tribal designs and jewelry updated to the 21st century adorn each female figure in the artists abstract series. Earth tones are the highlight of this series.

This elegant Xhosa tribal woman is in her traditional tribal hat in red with red shawl, white, red and black clothing and white jewelry. Xhosa is the South African tribe of Mandela.

Mapule, is the South African Xhosa tribal artist who lovingly created this series of abstract tribal women. I design and make the appropriate wood frames behind glass to compliment this beautiful art.

There may be very, slight scratches on a few of the frames.

Approximate Dimensions Including Frame

19.5"H X 14.5"W X .75"D

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