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African Pot with Ancient Tsonga Pedi Patterns Sculptured Double Calabash Shape 10" H X 8" W 24" C

$ 225.00

The shape of this pot was inspired by the local calabash pumpkin that is so much a part of Tsonga and Pedi cultures in South Africa. Diamond and rectangular patterns in colors of yellow, green, black and brown accent this clay pot.

The designs are ancient patterns with elements of both the Tsonga and Pedi designs. These patterns were found in the design of homes, fences and other living art where ever these two cultures lived together. With the use of concrete, the patterns had almost been lost.

These special pots are also called Peace Pottery because of the relationship between the two cultures. These works of art have been given to several visiting dignitaries by former South African President Mbeki. It is also represented on a South African stamp.

This unique pot was made by a very special artist, who has carved his name and a special message at the bottom of the pot, only to be seen by the new owner.

Approximate Dimensions: 10.5" H X 8" W 24" C Top Opening 4" D

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