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African Tribal Rock Cave Art Original Painting South Africa 39" W X 30" H

$ 225.00

Most Rock Art in South Africa was created by ancestral San/Bushmen. The oldest rock engravings in the world are abstract engravings on loose stone that were found in the southern Cape and dated to 7,700 years ago.

Our artist has been influenced by the times he spends in the caves of South Africa; he sometimes describes himself as a Khoisan/Bushman.

Quote by Nelson Mandela regarding the Rock Art

 “Africa’s rock art is the common heritage of all Africans, but it is more than that. It is the 

common heritage of humanity.”

                                                                                                  President Nelson Mandela

This original rock art painting on fabric canvas; the work captures the cave art of the Khoisan, the original Bushmen of Southern Africa. On my third trip to Africa, which lasted a year, I hiked the mountains with the Khoisan artist who created these fabric paintings. He not only goes to the caves to immerse himself into the cave art, but he collects herbs and he sells to local stores for tea and as herbal remedies. This work, signed by the artist, can be framed, used as a wall-hanging and even made into other works of art.

Many of the paintings made by this artist show female warriors as shown in the caves.

The artist makes his paintings in the middle of the fabric canvas, which creates its own mat for framing. Some of the art is painted onto off white canvas and some, as this one, some are painted on beige to light brown which makes the mat. Examples of the Rock Art framed are shown in the last photo and they are shown on the off white canvas.

There are more of these paintings available by size, however as each painting is original they may depict a different part of the cave art as you can see by the different paintings. 

Painting is Signed by the Artist: Jahman

Approximate Dimensions: 39" W X 30" H

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