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African Handpainted Tablecloth 56"X59" Elephant, Leopard, African Sun

$ 225.00

How do I describe the beautiful vintage artisan piece above? It is hand-painted to be used as a tablecloth, however, you can also hang it as an art piece; it's fabulous on a bed or table.

This vibrant tablecloth is a one of a kind artisan textile with the Elephant and Leopard strutting under the African Sun.

Each is lovingly handmade by one artist. I always purchase in quantity because the purpose is not to purchase art, but it is my way of contributing what is needed by the artisan to start or continue their business, and the artist is contributing her talent and knowledge of art and African textiles to me.

The fabric is 100% cotton.

If you are drawn to this style of work; you will love the pieces by this Xhosa artist.

Approximate Dimensions: 56" X 59"

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