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Table Napkins White Petite Embroidery African People Set of 4 - Madagascar

$ 39.00

These elegant embroidered napkins on pure cotton depict African people in daily life. The are handmade in Madagascar. An asset to any table, these large square napkins can also be framed.

As each set is handmade, the embroidered people can be slightly different, but very near. I am listing the larger embroidery separately.

What does vintage mean if the napkins look so new? These items have not been used and I will make a new term for them; New Vintage. They are vintage because it has been over 20 years since I brought them into this country and as I brought so many containers full of items, I have never had the time to show them all. In this line of embroidery, I have boxes that are filled and each items is still wrapped in plastic, giving no credence to the thought that you can't save textiles in plastic. I purchased, bedding, oven mitts, lounging pajamas and many more items from this group of ladies, eventually, I will be able to take photos of more items and list them.

Although I exhibit at shows, I never take my white items and stopped taking fragile items.

Approximate Dimensions are 18.5" X 18.5"

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