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African Art Maasai Village Original Art Kenya Earth Tones 24"H X 42"W X 2"D

$ 749.00

African Art Maasai Village in Kenya. Tending the herd of cows outside the village. This original art of Maasai a Maasai Village in Kenya by Martin Bulinya under glass, has been matted and framed in black painted wood. The earth tones of this painting are unique Bulinya's work, as most that I've seen is very bright and colorful.

Martin Bulinya's work is inspired by the cubist artists and traditional African art. As this Kenyan artist from the village of Moiben went to school with the Maasai people at Narok, and was fascinated by their perception of the world, their simplicity and their way of life, he honors this tribal society with his art.

Due to the large size of the painting, plexiglass is used in the frame, for safety.

The glimpse of light on the photo is the camera flash.

Approximate Dimensions: 24"H X 42"W X 2"D 

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