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African Batik Art Zimbabwe Village Scene Serving Husbands Vintage 65"W X 45"H X 1.5"D

$ 649.00

African Batik Art Zimbabwe Village Scene, framed art. Colors of Red, Green, Black, Blue and Yellow, contrast beautifully with the crackling, off white background. This very large, vintage batik is framed under plexiglass, with black and white mats, on a black frame. It shows a warm colored village scene with the women serving their husbands. Hand painted, batik made in Zimbabwe. Plexiglass is used for safety, due to the size of the painting and frame.

All art was purchased while in Africa, and framed in the U.S. Photos were taken after framing, therefore, the camera flash somewhat distracts from the beauty of the batik, but a closer look will show the wonderful, natural, handmade details.

One of a kind, original batik art.

Approximate Dimensions: 65"W X 45"H X 1.5" Depth
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