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Mask Copper Chokwe Relief Art in Custom Shadow Box Handcrafted Wood 25"W X 33"H X 3.5"D

$ 1,250.00

African Masks Copper Art Relief Handcrafted in the Congo. The Chokwe people of the Congo DRC are represented in this intricately, crafted copper relief art, floating within a custom shadow box frame. This is a vintage and rare, 20th century work of art. We build the frames in the U.S. to showcase the beauty of the art.

In the Congo, D.R.C., where copper is in abundance, large sheets of copper are flattened so that the artist has a base to draw the image; the copper images are then hammered and fired until the art is clear and complete.

Each artist shows a unique aspect of daily life as well as memories and representations of the ancestors, that are important to the artist.

Approximate Dimensions: 25" W X 33"H X 3.5" Depth 

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