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African Mask Songye Kifwebe Luba Tribal Congo Female

$ 1,095.00

African Mask Songye Kifwebe Congo DRC. Vintage Mask, hand crafted in the Congo DRC. Framed as art, floating in a shadow box to accentuate and honor the beauty of this traditional, geometric, grooved pattern, female mask. The colors of blue and brown represent the forces of nature in the sky and earth. The white paint symbolizes peace and purity of the soul. The wearer of this mask, during Kifwebe ceremonies, is said to obtain spiritual strength and power. 

The background of the frame is navy blue, as the blue in the protruding mouth of this mask, although In the photo, it seems to be black. Framed, floating in a shadow box, in the U.S. to add another dimension to the traditional artistry of the African artisan.

Approximate Dimensions: 23.5"L X 14.25"W X 6"Depth

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