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African Bowl Elephant Leopard Rhino Carved Olive Wood Handcrafted in Zimbabwe 16.5" L

$ 225.00

Elephant, Leopard and Rhino in the Zimbabwe Rain Forest is the theme of this beautiful Vintage Mukwa Olive Wood bowl hand carved in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is famous for its carvers of wood and stone.Due to a shortness of Mukwa Wood, it is rare to find carvings that are currently made using this hard wood

There are slight imperfections in this bowl, as shown in the photos. Often, nicks and scratches are glued or covered, but we leave these vintage items as they are and leave it to the customer to know exactly what you are purchasing and if you find the need you can glue, however, I leave mine just as they appear.

Approximate Dimensions: 16.5" L X 6.25" W X 6" H








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