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African Olive Wood Carving - Big 5 Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino 45"H X 11" W Zimbabwe

$ 1,125.00

This one-of-a kind Vintage Olive Wood totem sculpture was intricately hand-carved in Zimbabwe and depicts what is referred to in much of Southern Africa as the Big 5, the Lion, Water Buffalo, Elephant, Rhinoceros and Leopard, considered the 5 most powerful animals in Africa.

This sculpture can be used as a wall-hanging or a standing sculpture. As it does not stand on its own, I've had stands made for these in past and as a wall hanging I have had my framer place the same attachments he uses for a heavy painting.

This collectible vintage sculpture is in excellent condition.

Approximate Dimensions: 45" H X 11" W

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