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African Senufo Stool Wood Carved in Ivory Coast 20th Century 24"L X 19"H X 18"W

$ 865.00

Senufo Stool, hand carved in the Ivory Coast from one block of wood by local tribal carvers. This mid-20th century, authentic, traditional seat is ergonomic in it's carving, and has been long before the western world began emphasizing ergonomic in its furnishings. Notice the width and curve of the seat made specially to accommodate our largest muscle, in comfort and stability. The Senufo Stool can be used as a table, and it works well in any decor. A few close up photos show the rustic texture and some of the pigment loss, which can easily be addressed, if you choose. There is no wood loss or snags. This Senufo stool is formidable in weight and stability A traditional, sculptured, ergonomic, work of art. There is a difference between vintage and antique Senufo stools, and the ones currently made for market.
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