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African Zulu Shield Spear and Club Knob-Kerrie Vintage Isihlangu Vintage 59"H X 22"W

$ 695.00

Zulu War Shield Isihlangu, with Knob-Kerrie Ball Club and Assegai Spear. This authentic, traditional shield was handcrafted by Zulu tribesmen in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, also called Zulu Land. Authentic Zulu Shields, are made with Nguni cowhide. Nguni are cattle indigenous to Southern Africa, and are used in much of Zulu life. Hide was taken from the back of an animal, placed in the sun to harden and dry then buried under manure for at least before being pounded with stones. The oval shape was cut and a central stick support secured by leather loops. Two columns of small horizontal slits were cut in the face of the shield and supple pieces of leather interwoven between them down each side of the stick to give the central section a double thickness.

The Zulu Shield, perfected by King Shaka, was seen to have medicinal and magical powers, giving the warrior strength and protection. Muti was sprinkled on the shield before battle, for extra protection. Even after Europeans brought guns to KwaZulu Natal, and Shaka Zulu knew how to use them, the Zulu Shield, Club and Stabbing Spear were preferred because they were seen as more virile weapons, while the gun was considered a coward's weapon. It was said that the more close, man to man combat was not only more virile, but more certain. Zulu Shields are currently used in special ceremonies, and often, in the western world, used for collectible and decorative purposes. However, the authentic shields in this shop have real clubs and real spears. The shield, club and spear are bound together by wire and there is wire attached for hanging on the wall. This shield is also the authentic, large, warrior size of approximately five feet, from the bottom to the top of the center shaft (umboka). If there is a shipping overage, it will be refunded.

Approximate Dimensions: Height Total: 59" Width Club to Spear: 24" Umboka Center Shaft 59" Shield 34"H X 18.5"

This item is shipped by dimensional weight.

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