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African Carved Calabash Gourd Birds Elephant Vintage

$ 265.00

Vintage African Carved Calabash handcrafted. The calabash is used as a vessel in many ways in Africa and as in all African utilitarian objects, art and representations of the elements of life and the earth are detailed on these living works of art. The revered elephant, bird and buffalo are surrounded by tribal designs and symbols on this calabash.

There are visible signs of pitting, age and use on this vintage work of art. The calabash is carved and used as it is found and if it has opened, that area is patched as is done with the calabash either when it is new and open or after much use. This calabash has gently cracked near the neck of the vessel as shown on the upside down photo and on the bottom patch.

Approximate Dimensions: 17" H X 18" D X 49" Circumference

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